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dren, in which, perhaps, the chief effect arises from the stimulus con-
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have seen one definition of them as of one of the temporary
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Mechanical irritants may produce an increase of heat loss as far as
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is wrapped around the legs. The attendant now makes rapid passes
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in Ptomaine Poisoning — Auto-intoxication in Disease — The Re-
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or during the operation. So much was said at the time about
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with beautiful deep-red cheek, and is elliptical in shape and
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pain is often violent ; there is swelling of the joint Avith extension
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very closely malignant scarlet fever, though the pulse in scarlet fever
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than in the usual type, and soon become quite well marked. The fas-
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stand than the composition of foods, their effects upon the
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be superior to the salicylates. It is useful in jaundice and
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dants until the quantity consumed by them was enormous. We yield
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Recurrences. — The term recurrence should be applied only to
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Late in typhoid fever, when the ulcers are fully developed, opium is
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oval; those of guineas and most sea-fowls are pear-shaped;
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stimulation last a considerable time after the conclusion of the same,
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became clear that the associated inflammatory processes, that were for-
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flowing upon adjoining parts. Such a compress may be renewed as
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upon the respiration and its functional dependencies. In disease,
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appeared, while other localities, formerly free from the disease, have
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Temperature one-half hour after bath, 105 Q ; pulse, 116; respiration, 28. Al-
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the body has remained perfectly well and shows no exophthalmos,
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even of the mildest grade, I prescribe moderate doses of quinin ( gr. iv
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and others are here reproduced in order to afford the reader an insight
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Let me repeat, when we have a case of malarial fever, and
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occurs more frequently in younger subjects, and is more apt to be inter-
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all unreliable statistics, presents at a glance the comparative merits of
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the dicrotic wave, and the anomaly of an increase in the rapidity of
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induced, are termed pyrexial. Further experience has simply verified
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down, causes this. It is a mere physical symptom. Keep up
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found in the blood {Thiroloix Achalrnii) of cases of rheumatism with
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drates naturally, even if it has a little more fat. There is a
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cedure shall be set forth, at the risk of repetition, in subsequent chapters
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Modes of Infection. — (1) Inhalation of the Bacilli. — In the vast ma-
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physiology is divorced from practical medicine. Here is a p(iint
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were treated at the Pennsylvania Hospital, together with a few collected
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benefit, in rheumatic fever for instance, when the blood is so
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nique and use of saline infusions. He gives ninety-two grains
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receiving rain baths since the injections were stopped. He looks well, and may
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sputa, the latter studied microscopically and otherwise. The
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Klein) have held it to be the cause. Mai-morek, Raskin, and Mosny,
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upon physiological principles, offers the following results deduced from
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which this effect occurred is evidence of this fact, as is also the cir-
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which there is a washstand with its uncertain connection with the main