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writing on April 14th, and the candidates were examined
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left side of the abdomen a tumour extending 2 inches above
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those with good marks were pitted. Tliese are very remark-
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meeting of the above dispensary. We have already referred to a coutro
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Medical Officer to the National Eye and Ear Infirmary, Dublin.
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with great advantage fur nearly ten years the " Ferme-porte automa-
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Dr. Giles : On the Lochia. Dr. F. Lawford Knaggs : An
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bringing two fresli members to join the club will stand free for one
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Increase OF Insanity. — Dr. F. N. Manning, Inspector-General of the
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Dr. Napias appears to have proved conclusively that the epi--
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perature drops to the normal within twelve hours. I was called to one
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have to be passed tlirough in five or six years, which causes
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the method of testing employed soon after the operation was
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such Certificates Desirable.— Evidence of the Burial Reform
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to bed for three weeks. The throat was certainly very white
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forward their remittances to the General Secretary, 429,
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all four faculties of the University of Vienna during the winter
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greater part of the patients were subsequently able to make
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was still going on. " On vexed questions," Dr. Springthorpe
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tilated, many of the upper ones by means of louvres in the
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tory of Diphtheria, with special reference to the Theory of
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Gregg Sherlock, Thomas Studley, Charles Wall. Diploma in State Medi-
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At the sitting of the Select Committee on Tuesday last,
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doubted factor in army life; tlius, cavalry are apt to look down on in-
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ance in referring to them. From the above it will be inferred
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to disentangle one factor from another. "Atavism" is re-
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to the earlier clinical studies of this malady encouraged by
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Although it is clear tliat the hot-water pipes have been
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Gilbert, of Colchester, Physician of London, on the Loadstone and
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practitioner who has been called in consultation bo subsequently re-
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of the Association M(?dicale Mutuelle of the Seine depart-
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On September ,30th, at 5 a.m., Dr. Austin was urgently
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When next seen there was a thick greyish-white membrane
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communicate with the local Secretary, James Altham, Penrith.
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4 The constant relapses have reduced the patient to the
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and succinct manner. Descriptions of operations and of in-
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he had 90 per cent, of recoveries after hepatotoniy, and that
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in that class of life cannot tell whether antiseptics are used
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Still I may say that the difficulties met with prior to the
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The large amvcboid structures appear to me to bear out your interpre-
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oiediate stages of development and a process of sporulation
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proceedings are taken for an olTence also punishable on indictment, the
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have more than once seen a patient sent back by the house-
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less. Under pressure from small bands of local faddists,