Bill which gives to the Privy Council more extended or other control
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bicarbonate of soda I5 to 3 ounces, salicylate of soda 2i to 6 drachms,
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A pathological report by Johne comprises a description of all the
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cations, are requested to give notice of the same to the General Secre-
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through which the turbinated bone is removed. Ablation can then
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Same treatment continued. In the evening respiration 50 ; pulse 66 ;
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carefully, and afterwards protected as far as possible from irritation ;
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At the commencement of July appetite was entirely lost, and
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In dogs brought to the chnique, and in those treated for varying"
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peared normal. Rectal examination showed no enlargement of the
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ing a wink, yet feeling well, except an indescribable restlessness — turning over a
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freely until the commencement of July. It had been treated by injec-
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We have further pursued the study of this question. We inoculated
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but when I look at a book through a veil, both being near me, and only
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majority of cases, I believe, the result has been unfavourable? " Now,
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ring. To enlarge the aperture I cut through the lower part of the
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served, he could not eat because the water was so bad.
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The anterior and the left valves were little changed, but the principal
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persistence and chronic character explained by some peculiarity in the
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forming the walls of small vessels, and gradually extending to the
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by a somewhat loud and rough murmur, the apex-beat and its accompany-
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leaves his home with the set purpose of spending his night in a brothel,
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thalmic. Devoted to the treatment of eye-diseases, there are two wards
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tolerable. — 8 r.M. She had returned the last two doses of the medi-
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Managers of hospitals will be glad to know that on the 1st instant
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necessary to admit the existence of two races of tubercle bacilli, it
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as in the brachial ; I also found that the right hand and arm were
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was proceeded with. The sinus ended over the anterior lateral
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dropsy much diminished, without completely disappearing. The patient
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subject, at others infection is mediate. The disease is most commonly
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Affusion was successfully employed {Ibid., vol. xviii, p. 29).
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introduction of a probe into the fistulous tract caused the animal to
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pound fracture of the os calcis. The accident occurred in a fall. Some
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chin, attesting persistency and abundant strength of
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less than during the preceding week. The returns for the last four
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stances. Mr. Holmes, however, records a case in which both external
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The animal left hospital on the nth June, at which time it no