producing property of the bacteria which cause the production of amyloid.

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abdomen. In all cases in which there was a suggestion of sigmoid

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history suggesting this, others would indicate a progressive degen-

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When it is emploj^ed before the eighth day the results are unfavourable, or

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abscesses highly acid values were found, as high as P H 5-95 (furuncle).

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transmitted to the patient (a boy of 15 years of age) from a chicken which

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Exposure 2 seconds, lymphocyte reduction about 40 per cent., time for

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reports from abroad, one by von Stein (Wien. klin. Woch., 1913,

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with potassium iodide the ulcers had completely healed, and the patient

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After an active depressor dose of the serum from a case of

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the formation of fibrin by the more normal route, with the tissue coagulin

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however, showing that the dilatation is not primary, but it is evidently