had spread down the arm ; in seven, the pain was distinctly less,
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mediately, upon such articles. Again, they cannot point out
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been gratified by reading their brief biographies. So at least Dr.
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by the midwife, first called in attendance, who, with uncommon
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so thick with ossific plates and spiculas, particularly nearer the
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His infinite wisdom, saw fit to confide the temporal welfare of His
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"We do not deny that there may instances where it is demanded — as perhaps
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sensibly lessened, and there is hardly one in which two or three doses did
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" In every part of the body, in the brain, the heart, the
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animals. Eggs are a highly nourishing, and, when properly
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to speak out, frankly and fearlessly the gushing sentiments of honest ap-
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hand passed freely around the tumor as high as could be
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nection with the infirmity, and of this complication, too, I have met
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and the spiral thread makes its way out, partially straightens
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otherwise, the authority granting such diploma, shall have power to
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while its onter membrane thins, and at length disappears.
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pressions, that cccupy a conspicuous place, in the department
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therefore, particles of any substance collect together and ad-
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burgh ; Professor of the Practice of Surgery and of Clinical
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two sides. Fluctuation will be very obscure in the early
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think it not best for the interests of the journal — our own interests,
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hand passed freely around the tumor as high as could be
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placing the palm of the hand in proper position, that the promi-
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excision is a dangerous remedy. It is true that in many cases the
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should be discountenanced and discouraged by medical men, not
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wonders that a fistula, left by a cut-throat, is not a remedy for —
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not meant as finding fault with the Pharmaceutists, — but the
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Second, that the analogies, derived from the study of the exan-
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From the sixteenth day the agitation was scarcely perceptible, and
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Department of the University of Nashville, and is edited by
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is the confinement in close rooms over heated, imperfectly
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dent in themselves, are, besides, accompanied by pro-
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longer time, than has been usual, and after measures have been
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sleep, with a pulse 90, and rather quick and small ; tongue
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a very rare occurrence." The circumstances referred to in the above
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"The only after-treatment in these cases consists in puncturing the blisters
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31. "Amebic Dysentery Associated with Trichinosis Intestinalis " — Cun-
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Improvement, within the last year or two, by Dr. J. B. S. Jackson, also by
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through the urine than any other known article. For instance
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Professor of Gynecology in the University of Pennsylvania; Surgeon to the
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failed to relieve. Over the affected lung, where the skin was un-