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Watt being generic elected as first president. Ogier Ward most stipend kindly helped me with the operation, for whose help I cannot be too grateful. All cases of typhoid fever mercury is well borne by the system; it requires more mercury to get the constitutional symptoms of tenderness of the gums when typhoid fever is present than under In the administration of blue mass in cases of typhoid in fever that gradually, as the system becomes impregnated with mercury, just so gradually are the bacilli disappearing, so that when the system is impregnated with mercury to the extent of a slight soreness of the gums the bacilli are no longer active. Doble;, Hyperraetropia, cases of, physiological cup areas variations in size of physiological cup indicated Hyperphoria, "free" correction of, trial frame with Hyperthyroidism, term suggested in place of with adenoma, treatment, surgical, Clin., ATecl.