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The Medical Society of the County of New York having
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considerable difficulty. The tube and the ovary were ligated,
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in diameter. Usually only smaller instruments could be passed, or the
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ridge, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics in the New Yorli Post-
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ference with the third stage of labor, what circumstances de-
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(this journal, April 5th, p. 376 ; April 26th, p. 460).
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ing equal paits of bromide of potassium and bromide of sodium
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Dr. Peabodt said he had not seen the condition in children.
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mentioned in the works of Emmet, Thomas, or Barnes. In the
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Grasco-Roman and Oriental—extended to the confines of the Latin
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William F. Flubrer on Thursday afternoon in the amphitheatre
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Dr. Westbeook would like to state that the method of con-
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in tlie " Bulletin general de therapeutique," Dr. Pecholier supports this
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