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Vol. I. — ^Head, Neck, Nerve, Trunk, Geni.o-Urinary Syste-^i. 713 Illustrations, some of which
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completeness of our information upon certain points."
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Ops was an ancient harvest goddess who assisted in child¬
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the optic nerve is inserted outside of tlie vertical line, while in
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by demons (ib., xxvii, 5). Man is released from demons by
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LETRONNE, J. A., “Notices et textes des papyrus grecs du Mus6e du
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SINGER, C., Greek Biology and Greek Medicine. Oxford, 1922.
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The Standard of Medical Education. — Dr. D. Benjamin,
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In nephritis accompanying other diseases, particularly intoxications
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868). He caused blindness as a punishment, but he also
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of the soul, known as Orphism; while within the sect were
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Particular attention was called to a few points in adjusting
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