sions with sacrifices should be made at the temple of luno

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called nropherin (theobromin-lithinm salicylate) , a white crystalline

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the soft parts having been produced by the bone itself, not the

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son Medical College, the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery, or

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Corporation of Yale College next made their report. In behalf

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by the author, even if some one else has to write the text.

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any measures which favor the expulsion of its contents.

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Snow, of Dearbon ; Dr. Southwortii, of Monroe ; Dr. Tupper,

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was associated closely with Semo Sancns Hius Fidius,

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unfavorable statement in regard to the disability of this

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the morbid process in the tonsils gradually disappears, and,

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if that must have been accomplished long ago, but, perhaps for

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3 Farnell, The Cults of the Greek States, iii, 179 f.

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ing in degree from the lightest shades of vertigo to the pro-

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such an omission, which may pertain only to this part of

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depending as they do upon a variable proportion of tarry

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whether the sections were made openly or subcutaneously, for

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sentative god of healing. About this time there appeared

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Speaking of typhoid fever, he inferred that the treatment

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Montgomery, it had not contracted after the operation as it

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renewed. The older Vedic gods were enfeebled, their

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Turin ; the State of Glandular Cells during tlieir Activity, by Professor

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trust, due personal humility, it seems to me their teaching was

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at the left of the sternum, markedly accentuated. These cir-

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might be the recipients of the divine grace. Only the pure

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This book has had an increasing sale of several thousand copies.

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Suppliants therefore visited the temples, where, after

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a horse-hair suture. Two long catgut sutures were left as