as his sister or wife (Aristeides, lxxix, 5; Hym. Orph.,

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George W. Vogler ; and a " Warning to Medical Practitioners in

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posed to be inspired by a divinity and to act as the mouth¬

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female genital organs. 282 One of the inscriptions was the

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teries and worship of Demeter and Kore were developed

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on the other hand, we must all admit that in puerperal sep-

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The Active Principles of Ergot. — At a recent meeting of the Berlin

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entrance into the bladder. Because of the separation of the

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result at the end of a few weeks' treatment, while instead, after

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the Academy of Medicine at the annual meeting of the Medical

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with twenty-six Doric columns of common, but fine¬

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brothers and declared to be alike in character, acted as

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companion of AEsculapius were sometimes addressed to

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and devout (Herodotos, ii, 64), tenacious and sincere in

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magic powers and facilitate propagation and healing.

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draining away the wound secretions as they occur. As in

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possible to conserve to the highest possible degree Antiphlogistine's hygroscopic

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York Academy of Medicine, of which latter the testator was an

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ferent. This book, contains 400 pages, well illustrated, and is bound neatly in substantial blue buck-

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attention of Hannibal, who plundered it in 211 b.c. (Livy,

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‘good daimon,’ or Genius, after dinner. In Boiotia they

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the Roman Empire, carrying with it the occultism of the

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before 1878, when he published his figures (i). Prior to

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considerable quantity of foul pus interspersed with small masses

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almost unavoidable, and the recovery of the patient was the

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those circumstances and in those localities in which, under normal

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of office, usually one year, he made a full report to the