ceremonies consisted of paeans or hymns of praise, pray¬

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content on her part with the result of the many operations —

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(see Figs. 1, 2, and 4). — The ascent of the uterus is such

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and the sanctity of the oath enforced by Apollo and other

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exchanged for skillful attendance and residence in elegant special

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An Unintended Tuibute to Virchow. — Prince Bismarck is re-

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Dr. Alfeed C. Post had had a case several years ago of in-

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At Athens two fetes were held yearly for Asklepios,

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126 In addition to these technical works of reference, the following

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ordered sacrifice to be made to him at that place. 238 He

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shield, and wearing a panther’s skin, he performed dances

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ress of Oriental religions in the Occident. No repression

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Mendes (Dedu) in the Delta was the Nile-god, the fertilizer

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Dr. W. P. NoETHRUP had seen four cases of peritonitis in

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woman thirty years of age. The patient was sent to him from

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sary several years ago in which there was considerable doubt

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allow only moderate flexion at the knee joint. The doctor then

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CIL vi, 510). 259 In the later Imperial period, a sanctuary

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quently, almost constantly, of an intermitting type. An empy-

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Opigena. Partula. Perfica. Pertunda. Populona. Porrima.

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splanchnics convejing the inhibitory fibers. The proximity of the nu-

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On Deaf -mutism considered from a Medical Point of View, by Dr. Giam-

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nities and privileges which by law or usage are allowed to possessors

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declared that in Babylon the sick were brought into the

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Louis H. Gray, of the University of Nebraska, for his

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