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Professor Barnes's letter is March 15th; hence it is a coin-
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be better treated by other methods. So, likewise, might cases
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prepared according to Kochcr's method; iodoform-gauze dressing.
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plained of at the present moment in Dublin — sham lectures, sham cer-
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child, he killed a snake that had entered, and noticing
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considered by way of introduction to the report of three
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Of course, during the acute stage, the patient must be confined to
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both hospital and private practice. The results of my search
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The President then again put the question, a rising vote was
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HIRSCHELL, B., Compendium der Geschichte der Medicin. Vienna,
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presented at the notch, extending an inch from its border; the
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not be too careful to avoid conveying poison to the puerperal
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warm baths cause the animal to give out less carbon dioxide and take in
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of scrofula, such as enlargement of the lymphatic glands, etc.,
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stitute the Cauda equina have a very long course before
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Wright, of Plainville; Dr. W. H. Mather, of Suffield ; Dr. F.
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Fleeting pains passed through her shoulders. Whenever she
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of the commissure, as far down as the middle of the second
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It was decided to publish a list of the health officers of the State,
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