of about four days until November 17th. During this period,
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her to develop puerperal fever, has not yet been causatively
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important deities of Phoenicia. She represented love,
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doses would aggravate intra-cranial inflammation when present,
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was sacred to him, and he was usually represented with a
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healing functions sporadically and were not depended
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Segments, and of the Spinal Nerves to the Motor, Sensory, and Reflex Fitnctions
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disappeared. A little rudimental knob was also over the united
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form the subject of an entire lecture. From the standpoints
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week; but, if not recognized before the fourth or fifth day, it
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The patient took ether well and sufl'ered no shock. In the
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very feeble personality. As his name implies, he is a
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doses in which it is given it will be decomposed and rendered
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indirect, by an evil spirit or demon, or a punishment for
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4 golden-handed Savitr’ moves between heaven and earth;
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whole of the ninth book of the Rigveda is devoted, is
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logical phenomena as they are successively elaborated are
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demons was the burning of fragrant substances and fumi¬
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hospital so soon as the necessary arrangements can be com-
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rest. 270 These ceremonies, conducted in costume and char¬
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spiritual development . 3 At that early date Egypt had de¬
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counterpart of the Vedic Vrtrahan ('Slayer of Vrtra’),
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such or such local symptom, surgeons considered each of these
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fully stated in the State society's "Transactions"' for 1879 or
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its employment as an oxidizing agent in diseases whieli have
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in all of which the priests were adepts. Such beliefs and
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Correction, and the purchase of a tract of land on the line of the
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