conditions are regarded by different observers, and the re-
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in favor of its neurosal origin. This is not the time to engage
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unmistakable cerebral symptoms following injury of the head.
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ply for two months' extension. Par. 1, S. O. 91, A. G. O.,
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continuance of the detention until a cure is eft'ected, or at least
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8 Jolly, op. cit., pp. 11-13; also Macdonell, The History of Sanskrit
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ditioD of the journal was such as to enable him, should he con-
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and a half pounds — not a large amount in itself, but important
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cians, and the old Sumerian name for a medical man,
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the third or fourth, in the house of a praetor or consul,
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tility and was appealed to as an independent divinity for
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tective was needed, the wound surface being directly in contact
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the fact that it did not supply any demand not already met by
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entire length of the posterior wall of the uterus — possibly a
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of abdomen, it supports weight of body from the baclvbone,
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Lister's method is a modification of Fraentzel's, and may
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in 330 b.c. to restore the sanity of the people, who were
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in color and flavor, and therefore in commercial value. Popular preju-
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34 I. Undset, “Inscrizioni latine ritrovate nella Scandinavia,” in BIA,
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any stage of the disease and to any condition of the system.
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Never accept substitutesy always insist upon getting just what you ask for
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teresting case of a supernumerary breast in the axillary region
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fifth century b.c., the sacrifices were made first to Apollo,
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3. Regulates volume of sound — no other instrument does.
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ing in North Grove Street, the latter being the structure in
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medicine was conferred on a class of forty-four graduates.
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the services of the deity. 50 Instances are given of cures
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and in controlling the dyspnoea and palpitation of mitral stenosis.