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" 1. Boiling in water for two hours under a pressure of fifty
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those cases it might be found advantageous to leave the tube in
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when he is quiet The first therapeutic measure is, naturally, to put the
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Orpheus, a hero-god, a divinity of music, and ‘the father
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turbed ; the chart includes eight days of the puerperal period.
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fever. He grew worse again, and, on February 11, 1858. two
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dressing was not adapted to all varieties of fracture of the leg.
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the symptoms were those of an ordinary cold, and would
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sage are very successfuL The massage should consist of trembling move-
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she was one of the 'two mistresses' of the prehistoric
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XVII, i, 17=p. 800 C). The cult, acquiring renown, spread
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* Read before the New York Surgical Society, May 27, 1884.
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Dr. Poore remarked that the only two cases in which a false
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Lactic Acid in Diarrhea of Infants 1338 Acrodynia.— Incipient Tuberculosis 1340
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distinguished by their chronicity and by their mild character.
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thee ? 0 Marduk, what dost thou not know, what can I add to thy
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divination and prophecy in cases of illness. Tying a fine
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and, by pressure on the lower ribs, forced it out again. By this