Eileithyia, to whom he. gave the epithet Enlinos (‘With

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Greece, those who had been initiated and had witnessed

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magic, heterodox, inferior, and suspect, and were fre¬

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great as it had been in other cases on record, with which great

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credentials a certificate, from the county or State society they

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University op Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, June SO, I8S4.

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In Tibet, China and Japan he is replaced by Bhaisajya-

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It is easily detected, and can be peeled ofi from the parts

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Worh in London. — Mr. Thornton'' s Lajiarotomies. — General

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around it, and frequently with other emblems sacred to

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related in the Rigveda, and especially in the Brahmanas,

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lates in the blood, and is especially prone to settle in the lungs and

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the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the following

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ings for sacrificial and other religious ceremonies, ac¬

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chill, but Dr. Chamberlain found the uterus firmly contracted,

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Dr. Panooast asked if inoculation of the lower animals

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pp. 9-10, V, 7, 9, 10, 12, 15). Drugs of many kinds were

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their lore and for use at other sanctuaries; but no changes

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6th. The only bandage that is Superior to the Elas-

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ing modern professional ideas of disease, its causes, and

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walls were painted in 269 b.c. ; it was struck by lightning

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ture at the height of the disease was distinctly intermitting. Dying the

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17th. — A portion of the integument of the ring finger has

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for the first two days, there has been nothing to report except

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Without temples, he was worshipped as a deity of the

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also been the means of bringing out a number of papers of a

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pulent. Care, however, should be taken with the latter to see