tion of exact diagnosis, to the detriment of the art of thera-

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that, by an arrangement with the Association, we shall publish

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line of Medicine Cases and Satchels with our regular

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viations), for mesencephalon, prosencephalon, and other seg-

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Such doses should not usually be continued for more than 4 or 5 days.

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licited and received the aid of historians and poets

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xix, 456). When disease came and the camp of the Greeks

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Dr. Iewis, an English physician, thought the object of the

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Zeitschrift der deutschen morgenldndischen Gesellschaft, 1905, lix,

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primitive medicine, and the unity of folklore. Garrison,

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Rotch's choiee, fifth or sixth space to rig^ of sternum with the

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the disease. Sulphate of copper, nitrate of silver, and sub-

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important work was destroyed. It will be reproduced, how-

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other writers, formed the basis of Roman mythology,

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(Arrianos, Periplus, xxiii), though this was concerned

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the early symptom of jaundice. Secondly, the absence of pain

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X>articnlarly convulsions. It is, however, also to be advocated in rela-

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punishable offense under the laws of Ohio, unless the product of

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the tumor, which had an important diagnostic value, the uter-

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The sites of the Asklepieia were judiciously selected

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of 1879, died on Tuesday, April 29th, after a brief illness. For

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the earth, whose abode was at Nippur; and Ea, the divin¬

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the earth, rise up to me, thou great spirit .’ 9 3 Ptah and

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hol, cutting thin sections, staining these with carmine, mounting

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not be thought of. He then mentioned .the case of an unmar-

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There being no cutting dilator nor other instrument of the

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a quarter of an hour before the evening meal and the same quantity just

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ity being 83 per cent, in 230 cases. The fatal termination might