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found in the de Medicamentis of Marcellus, probably in¬

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ments always present in religious healing, and the cures

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ground (tuberculosis), the lungs, liver, and gastro-intestinal tract,

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VIII, xviii, 8), and they restore sight and cure the sick

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by the parasitic organism which was the acknowledged etiologi-

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member that the vagina is drawn up and elongated by the

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tion. That the committee has its hands full I can well under-

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tisternium was ordered by advice of the Decemviri; but

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and destroys the asuras (Atharva., X, vi, 22). He is

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them, developed into three personalities. Both Iuno Lu¬

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of nervous affections, though it had not progressed with the

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connected etymologically with the Latin indiges,™ ap¬

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of the trunk and internal organs, while a group of father,

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occupied the pelvis. No attachments existed at the sides nor behind.

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With regard to the third object of the association, the pro-

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other. There was no evidence of disease in any other cranial

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possible, for their continuance strengthened the bad habit and

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CiustavHS Ilnrtridgc, F. K. C. S., Assistant Surfreon to tlie West-

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Medical Diagnosis, with Special Reference to Practical Medi-

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people, King Tosorthros (Zoser) in particular fostering

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her nephew, a boy of sixteen, who was in the habit of visit-

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the sick than either raw milk — now so much in fashion —

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differential diagnosis of such tumors, and, in fact, in many cases