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lent in all thy doings; ’tis thon who givest children to him
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among mankind. Such popular beliefs are referred to in
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reducing the typhoid-fever heat down to 102° F., and of keep-
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sented a specimen of vesical calculus which he had removed
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with cardiac lesion, and (3) with pulmonary lesion predominating,
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to get up after a severe illness. He must not be allowed to stand until
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tism, and it seemed to him the basis of the permanent trouble
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with any degree of authority comparable to that which Mr. Sanborn brings to the task."
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N. Y., and Camden (annual), Morris (annual), and Sussex, N. J.,
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of the stomach that she had to be nourished by the rectum, and
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Naval Intelligence. — Official List of Changes in the Medi-
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of his father, with whom he was worshipped at the sanc¬
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altars, small shrines, and temples of the associated
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while claimants of divine rank, reputed healers, charla¬
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and all evidence indicates that it was never emancipated
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