having instructed Apollo in prophecy (Apollodoros, i,
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Medicine,” in American Journal of Semitic Languages and Litera¬
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petent parties gave emphatic promise of continued safety ?
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in the dryest possible manner. 6. Endeavor to prevent all me-
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among his early devotees, and it may be that it was on
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internal hEemostatics and tonics as experience had proved to be
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Soma (‘Pressed Juice'), a Yedic deity to whom the
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own case was that of a child, nearly four years of age, with a family
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Amorphous Borate of Qainine is recommended by Finkler and Prior,
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years she also had a severe attack of rose cold iii June, which
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maternity hospitals and foundling asylums, and also by the ex-
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cit., xxvi, 60), this being repeated thrice after she with¬
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The Treatment of Typhoid Fever. — Dr. I. K. Jackson, of
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taught them by their father with such skill that they
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of the brain. He knew of no atfection in which it was more
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nearly two years, but, considering the size and the rough surface
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with Nekhbet and Uzoit, Heqet, and Meskhenet, and co¬
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pia, the portiplexus. The ventral border of this plexus
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The case was interesting from a clinical and from a diag-
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sumption, even though it could be shown that they increased
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the Ionic order, thirty-six in all. It was 246 feet long by
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Sin, the deity of wisdom, the ‘lord of knowledge/ and