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quantity. The action is quicker and safer than that of veronaL

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that they should not be relied on as giving any indication

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The temperature fell promptly from 103° to 99'6°. As the tem-

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the unpleasant effects of traumatisms. We thus have a

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Quinine Tannate. — ^In his experience with subacute nephritis after

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Nefer-tem (or, later, I-m-hotep, who displaced Nefer-tem)

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ticulars — namely, (a) with reference to his belief

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capes by virtue of such reciprocal antagonism.* The cure

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whose honor he then composed his Suryasataka (“Hun¬

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official version, which was built up gradually and which

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arraignment of the women of Massachusetts (or, for that mat-

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to the following two facts: 1. This modus operandi anasthetica

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A divinity, Ba‘al-marpe (or Ba‘al-m 9 rappe), ‘Lord of

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The ulceration continued to advance, in spite of tonic and

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contract, the pledge, whence he was later identified with

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vantageous in venous hypersemia of the brain in lung disease and in

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1st : Butfalo Medical and Surgical Association ; Croton Medical

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Congress; but that the committee had reported favorably to an

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represented by pictures or statues; and there were no

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The patient, a voting man, aged twenty-eight, was admitted to the

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RocKWKLi. read a paper with this title. [See p. 543.]

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The gods were concrete, clearly defined personalities, of