o'clock, his straining efforts were followed by the passage of
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Cyst of the Bkoad Ligament twisted upon its Pedicle,
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Volumes I and II, 1881-1883 (new series). Edinburgh :
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five years old, his parents removed to Chelmsford, where he
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Europe, while the profession in this country have heaped upon
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Vol. I. — The Stomach and Duodenum, with 76 Illustrations, several of which are printed in
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pulmonary, the renal, and the cutaneous exhalations when only
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imposed weight, we have the most intimate and direct con-
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murmur of one side might be of diagnostic value. The differ-
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each established a chair of hygiene, the chair at Prague to be
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does not agree with Mr. Wood that it would not constitute a
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the supporting capacity of the diseased member be artificially
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which had been torn into strips about four inches wide, sewn
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asked the members if they could offer an explanation. A
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groups at private altars in cellars or small underground
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twenty-four hours and then suddenly recovering his vision per-
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recommending that $5,000 be appropriated for the improvement
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The effect of both these methods can be explained only by the fact
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sented all that was best in women as daughter, wife, and
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congestion of the liver must naturally follow. The symptomatic therapy
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off^ below. In the second case he surrounded the sac with a
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In Dubring's patient the disease had begun at the age of ten
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was theoi megaloi, and apparently means ‘the Great
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iodobetrenate of calcium, containing 26% of iodine, 1.5--3 G. (22-45 gr.)