fracture and applying the splint, I have had this patient brought
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of the disease ; that is, four injections of ten centigrammes each.
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utes of this meeting as a tribute to his memory and a mark of
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check, it did not develop pus at that point. I have to state that
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each case. When known, it was called by name and, upon
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than any other. Here there was no valvular lesion, no murmur,
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fever and sweat. The entire paroxysm continued until 6 F. M. His
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Trial quantity and literature on THE ANASARCIN CHEMICAL CO.
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used, vegetable, mineral, and animal; and while some
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which partook of the nature of a curative remedy for
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each side opens from the aula into the corresponding pro-
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Physical Education at Amherst College. — Dr. H. H.
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tubes, so that during labor it is fair to assume that there is
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High-Grade Surgical and Veterinary Instruments and Hospital Supplies
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(CIL ii, 4487, 4490). He was adored in Gaul as a healer
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" 3. The place where the rags were disinfected ; and
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“Zauberspriiche fur Mutter und Kind/’ in Abhandlungen der
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the internal ring. All this is materially changed in preg-
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hand, or thumb and two fingers open and the other two
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Empire and the advancement of Amon to supremacy as a
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cepted by most of us. True digitalin (not German digitalin) is relatively
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that nature had come to her relief and bled her without his
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house-mouse, and some species of sheep, seemed to resist the
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Serapis, celebrated as a healer, was easily the leader
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of Rhode Island, died May 15th, at the age of seventy-eight.
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on the afternoon of the second day of the disease. Her tempera-