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the normal presentation be tliat of the foetal surface, such trac-
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ten drops, which the doctor stated was all that he could obtain
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knowledge of the physical laws which preside over their
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(ib., VII, xlvi, 2). His healing functions are also appealed
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the structures situated within the pelvis. At the same time,
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consideration is quinine, which may be prescribed as the compound
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learn that King Athotis, of the First Dynasty of the
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swollen until three weeks later. In due time a papular roseola
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the left ilio-inguinal region, which frequently extended down
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patronage the Asklepian cult was extending, toward the
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medical profession, he would confine his remarks to medical
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words or sounds. 22 Plato ( Phaid 244) considered this a
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G.— 7^ gr.), phenacetin (0.25 G.— 4 gr.), acetanilid (0.25 G.— 4 gr.),
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— Dr. W. P. NoRTHEUP presented specimens from a single case
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• • ! ' . ■ • • , s :y ,y : . ; . v ■ ■ y •
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trons (ib., viii, 18). Upon the advice of the Decemviri,
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human, of superior strength, similar in appearance to
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Hades complained that the success of Asklepios in avert¬
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cation would be established. And it was not until about tlie
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Ea, representing the healing qualities of springs and
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THE Heart. — Dr. A. J. Dower presented specimens, and related
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sideration of the resolutions offered by Dr. Wilder the previous
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He tliougbt there must have been cnngestion affecting the cen-
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the anterior columns conducted impulses of voluntary motion ;
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will present a few facts relating to the two varieties of mal-
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times in the top of the bead, weakness in walking, giddiness in bending
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ments of the lower extremities, and that nothing was felt in
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tended veins and arteries, which, inosculating in all directions,
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gesting that the priests of his cult practiced healing at