to change their method. However, the practice of healing,
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were assured that if they would purify the body, Isis
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31 Gruppe, Griechische Mythologie und Religionsgeschichte, pp. 1273-
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the per-onkh at Sai's “because his majesty knew the value
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by the mouth in acute diseases. Concentrated nourishment,
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length. The os uteri was closed. The ovaries were normal.
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tises, especially of Mesopotamia and Egypt, have not
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jalap powder reinforced with cream of tartar as above. A seyere in-
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and base your diagnosis on what you find — not on what the patient
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proof against rabies, but M. Paul Gibier, as we learn from the
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the most marked dyspnoea, and pulmonary cedema. But there
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reproduction of bone, even up to the margin of the glenoid cavity, was
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myths of the many independent deities of the Nile valley.
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ciated (or confused) with that of a legendary therapeutic
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end of his time to the work), by dint of endless repetition in
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peutic, his preeminence in this domain admitting no rival.
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By this means both time and material are conserved, and a
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the hardL'ned mass, and, not detecting fluctuatiun, he made an
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coronary arteries, or of arteriosclerosis of the coronary arteries. In the
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owing to the obsiructid diastole, the venous blood accumulated
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or imperfectly developed. The little finger is rarely want-
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Wednesday, June ISth: American Neurological Association
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stream, which of late years has been very fine, the urine dribbUng away
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fever, unless a zymosis or blood-poisoning, that it is of practical
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incision 2 mm. long is first made through the skin with a very sharp