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period, holy marriages, or sex communion with the god

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thenceforth claiming to be a divine incarnation, a living

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away. In certain instances, the spirit of the invalid was

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fluid, and the coils of small intestine were adherent to one another by

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Iuno shared honors at the Capitoline temple with Iupi-

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of the Flamen Martialis, who consecrated the wine as a

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be disposed of early, and nothing that can cause anxiety

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of gangrene on the other. The blood is extremely difBuent, the

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thereby quickly relieved. The author is not ready to express any decided

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Small- POX from China. — According to a newspaper dis-

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counteracting the unpleasant taste and effects of the diuretin by adding

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sessed, or inspired, by the god. The cult made such rapid

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especially Tufnell's cure (see p. 78). He has seen two cases rapidly fall

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turn, $6.10 from Philadelphia to Washington and return, and

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the back, arms, and legs, and afterward upon the face, and a

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cut away as much or as little bone as he pleased, and make the

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oft' in the manner mentioned. He had never seen a similar case.

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lieve that all diseases of the urinary and sexual organs in tuber-

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chapels ( spelcea ). They gave little outward evidence of

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peared at many of his later sanctuaries. The traditions

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such fear as were many of their contemporaries. Seth and

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member of the nominating committee, and another as his alter-

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moved in the third century a.d., Caracalla built a great

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the trend of belief suggests that none were required. It

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