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over-full pelvis another amount of urine would be added, yet not

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monia rapidly spreading all over one lung while the other showed diffuse

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forming serous exudation may undoubtedly give rise to inter-

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depending as they do upon a variable proportion of tarry

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longitudinal and ring muscle fibres of the vessel may be cut instantane-

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the muscles. When the hypersesthesia subsided sufficiently

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and with abstractions of higher truths. The common peo¬

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forty-nine columns, three hundred and sixty feet long by

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being that erected under the Ptolemies on the sacred

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labartu, who lived on the mountains and in the cane-

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read a very interesting paper in which he upheld tbe right of

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point of view, and from a tliorough examination of the country around,

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down with any degree of comfort, or put on his shoes,

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the throne of the chthonic deities {Odys., xxiv, Iff.). 211

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The Adityas. Agni. Apah. The Asvins. Bhaisajyaraja and

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Babylon at the mouth of the Euphrates, where his cele¬

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labor. The patient had had a rise of temperature and a slight

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weighing one hundred and twenty pounds; sucli a man, if the

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Sunday, August 10th, and ending on Saturday, August ICith. The fol-

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■wound, so as to bring its lips into close apposition, but

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position, while in hip-joint disease it is the active contrac-

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lege, and of at least three curators of the medical profession fully and

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Fuller and Dr. Woodward, internes at Bellevuo Hospital. Dr.

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time (Gross). Sir Astley Cooper also mentions the case of

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in the articular contour would not take place; for the super-