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physician, was as follows: She had been delivered of a child
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of fifty-seven years who was suffering from an unusually severe
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Roman pantheon, formed the great State triad with Iupi-
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the first (verso, p. 1, lines 3-4, section 193) is as follows : 158
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young person, twenty-two or twenty-three years of age, in
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Helios, probably first in Lakonia, the celestial aspects
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Parsons, of New Hampshire ; Fourth Vice-President, H. C.
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Lund ; Professor von Pettenkofer, of Munich ; Dr. Atherton,
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450). Hekate had power in the heavens, on earth and sea,
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ducted the rites of incantation which dispelled evil spirits,
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attended a lady, twenty-five years of age, in her first confine-
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MASPERO, G., Memoire sur quelques papyrus du Louvre. Paris, 1875.
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sarcoma. The dura mater and the hone contiguous to the tumor were
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"Archives of Medicine" for February of the present year,