Dana, Wilson, and Uhler, with the new hypnotic, he proceeded
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against the gods (ib., VI, xcvi). Next to plants in holiness
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Asklepios, appearing to Sophokles, commanded him to
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in charge of deputies and vanished in the ground at Epi-
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family history of tiibercnlo^is. Tlie child ha<l always been well,
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123 Mariette, Les Papyrus egyptiens du Musee Boulaq, Paris, 1871.
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George A. Link, of Monongahela, Pa., read a paper maintain-
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but with pathological symptoms caused by abnormal conditions of the
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although generally well developed, she stated that it had always
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adorned by numerous votive tablets, inscriptions, and
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this enforced rest is very likely to cause c(mstii>at]on, special care must
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it underwent a fermentation which added to tlie gaseous disten-
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Has lately, since birth of last child, become, temporarily, almost
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Koch, it was scarcely yet entitled to be dignified by the name
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which physicians have heretofore experienced, has been
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struck by lightning, and remained unconscious for a number of
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These come on suddenly, without apparent cause, and have
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never causes itching, rash or ulceration under the bandage.
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Advantages of New Syringe : ASEPSIS, contamination impossible.
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Vesico-vaginal Fistula, with Inverted Bladder. — Dr.
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call "character"; the gradual passage into absolute de-
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muscles iuid fascia on a director. A stratum of fat is usu-
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ing the political, religious, and social life of the early
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taken at meals wotdd provoke violent attacks of sneezing, and
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a sequestrum. The glenoid cavity was denuded of cartilage and
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Uropherin. — There is also a third drug of similar derivation, the so-