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between the temporary relief afforded by vomiting in the
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evolved according to the expanding intellectual, spiritual,
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of these Oriental religions, as well as the scepticism of
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SSth. — Weaker ; slight pain in abdomen ; no tympanitis. Wound
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Ophthalmologist to the Klwyn, Vineland, and N'cto Jersey State Training Schools for Feeble-minded
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Appeals to demons. Magico-religious treatment of disease.
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ii, 59) even remarks that “Minerva will give medicine
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of which they figure as departments is only nominal. It may
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tinuance of this plan for forty-eight hours. At the end of this
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lavage, followed by alimentation by the tube, had brought
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three weeks. The other method consists in gently and firmly
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These declarations leave no doubt, but clearly set forth
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the patient was given a full dose of ergot just before delivery.
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superseded, at an early date, by the cognate figure Thrae-
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sustained. He thought there was not the least proof that tuber-
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Ophthalmoplegia Externa Progressiva. — Dr. Birdsall
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The Medical School of Maine. — It is reported that Dr.
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association, to be known as the " Committee on Experimental
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infection of the mother through a syphilitic foetus, the mother
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presented some projecting points of bone. The motions of
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fluctuated during the following two months, and once diminished up-
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certain local morbid conditions were more or less important,
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minutes, on account of the intensity of the throat symptoms
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Because of their ethical character and superior powers
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Diana was worshipped very generally throughout Italy