colliquative diarrhoea to the extent of seven or eight passages.
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ians and by the Babylonians. She was identified with Bau,
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also be present. Enlargement of the thyroid gland and of the
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hypochondria, the wall was quite thick. Firm attachments existed
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the general systemic outbreak which characterizes the affec-
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later time divided the pantheon into three categories;
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ceremonial purification. Lustral water from a spring was
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base-line or inferior border passing beneath it, to reach
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fluids should be avoided. Among these may be noticed in-
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of the skin is only a symptom of superficial abscess of the
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powers. In such cases the local divinity did not lose his
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By JaiiT-'s TlKjrington, A. M., M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Ei/e in the Philadelphia Polyclinic;
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to change the figure, the modern physician stands at the
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to urticaria, and especially to erythema multiforme, tlie varie-
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The association then adjourned, to meet at the call of the
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cervix in producing cancer had never been fully comprehended
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usual diseases of childhood. She was twenty-four years of age,
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flaps together and uniting them by sutures on the side of
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relief for their sickly bodies was by obtaining pardon
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trust in the salve which Diancecht left with his family
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Ashima(t), 8 his consort, is mentioned in inscriptions as
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entire weight of the uterus resting squarely witliin the upper part of
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annual commencement on Wednesday evening, the 21st inst., at
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the cyst from the fundus uteri was evident upon examination.
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patients object to it In general, it causes the disappearance of the fre-
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Following the outline indicated by Murcliison, the next form