Isis was associated with the new god Serapis at Alexan¬
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That my god and my goddess who since many days have been
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of intermitting fever he discusses is that due to endocarditis.
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just mentioned, and probably also at Knidos, Rhodes,
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Iason, Nestor, Telamon, Teukros, Peleus, Odysseus, and
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with ether, care bein;j; taken not to allow it to run through
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the floor or on a stool if the patient is sitting up, or on the floor or between
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injr, wliicli is situated at No. 137 Second Avenue, will be open
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duced a female catheter nearly its entire length, when there
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October 31; the triumph of life over death; and these
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the Existence and Circumsoription of the Port.e (Foramina
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country) for their neglect of the most obvious rules of correct
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Edited by Robert Amory, A. B., M. D., Fellow of the Massachu-
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Relative Intolerance for Digitalis, — ^If the patient cannot bear the
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or mummification. In the first case it gives rise to fever,
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If you do not, your prospective patient will spend his money for an Electric Belt' or Mag-
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