allowed to soak until the water containing them is clean and

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If the entozoa which afflict animal life were divided into

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ing loss of proteid often bring on symptoms of cerebral ansemia (giddi-

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nificance being also the same as that of the former disease.

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Books; and the tradition that his earliest Italian home

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studies, excites a very special interest in the types of

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meral head with an abscess about the epiphyseal site containing

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to combat these ills, both the supernatural powers of

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upon the mind of the young physician, inspiring him to

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202 T. Panofka, “Die Heilgotter der Griechen,” in ABAW, 1843, pp.

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^et Packs. — ^A wet pack is also useful. The patient is wrapped in a

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Fata Scribuxda recorded the destiny of the child as

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cal College on the preceding Saturday. The patient, who was

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259 J. S. Reid, “Asceticism/’ in ERE ii, 107; also G. Showerman,

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jected to examination, were seventeen in number, and the meth-

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Vol. I. — ^Head, Neck, Nerve, Trunk, Geni.o-Urinary Syste-^i. 713 Illustrations, some of which

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crease to a culmination which is characterized by severe, o-enerallv

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and legends of the Sanskrit epics and in classical Indian

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the follicles of the lower pharynx are involved in place of

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required except about the heel and malleoli. Care should be

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F. R. S., Warrington Smyth, F. K. S., Rupert Jones, F. R. S. ; Colonel

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had boon i)resent for a short time. 5. Cases attended for months

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and down to the estimated level of the anulus tympanicus.

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ble of demonstrating lymph-spaces ; not one silver or gold prepa-

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strained from officiating in these rites, they were con¬

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lashes threatened seriously to disfigure the young beauty.

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apotheosized at Corinth (Scholion on Euripides, Medea,

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ties would probably result. Likewise, if he jumps from a

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membranes retained ; the genital organs of the patient were

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nus ’), dressed and acting like wolves to avert pestilence, 139