closely watched while the rubbing movement is being
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during the night. The next day another attempt was made to
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pital, January 22, 1884, having had his feet frozen the day pre-
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It would be otherwise if flint implements could be found in the older
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vigor he had lost (White Yajurveda, xix, 12), she is asso¬
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another, with antiseptic precautions, with no fear of being tlie
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The cavity extended from the diaphragm to the middle of the
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caste. They insisted that the gods should receive them on
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instance reported in the " Edinb. Med. and Surg. Journal "
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" retreat " ; there is no provision for the detention of paupers ;
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passive cerebral hypenemia. The use of all others is irrational^ some-
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writers on diseases of this organ, and that he believed its oc-
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sinia, with processions from Athens to Eleusis and secret
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albumin in the urine, and the general conditions of its occur-
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sibihty of pregnancy. Tlie tumor seemed rather soft, and gave
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bility of it was admitted. In tliis case there could be no doubt
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Lavinia,” in JBASB, 1890-1898, ii, 448 ff.; also R. Lanciani, “The
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these organs ; then the prognosis is somewhat favorable.
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laboratory manuals in that " Attention is called to the in-
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traits, were endowed with sex, and had families; and
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by a turtledove (rpvycov), or, according to Pausanias
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it produced, all over, a sensation of intense heat, followed by
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the advice of more conservative friends, he undertook
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“Inschriften aus dem Asklepieion zu Epidauros,” in Studien auf
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injections, the temperature could not be reduced again below