divinities, as Isis at Panopolis, and Neith at Sais, al¬

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all, in the patient's condition. One of my instructors in

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Bilin, Radein, and similar waters. Their use is in flushing out the

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credit. Fortunately for English medical students (especially at

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The worship was individual, and the ceremonies were

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tory system. The i>atient should dress in an adjoining room.

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spinal nerves. The spines of the vertebrae can be felt even

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epithets he does not appear as active in healing, but

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measuring an inch and a quarter in diameter, he was able to

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heroes were his pupils, among them Achilles, Aktaion,

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a hard, fibrous consistence vfere encountered, which, on micro-

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let loose in the cave, where it promptly died (Strabo,

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and removed with the cautery. Some hiBinorrhage from a small

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pression. He said without much compression, because in one

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of out-of-door sleeping — with the face, only, coming in contact with the

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spine, the hand may be passed, guided by the mesentery, back-

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aud consented to its removal, which was accordingly done, and

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larity could be detected on its surface. This was a point which

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cially in cold or inclement weather. The urine passed was slightly

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visedly," he observes, "but emphatically, after several years of

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Thoth (TauutorThout),Ptah, and I-m-hotep; and adjoin¬

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patients with weak backs can stand it, as the position is horizontal, and

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The operation consists in cutting down upon the bone by a

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Dr. Dower requested him to operate, which he did, dilating the

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sidered an impiety or an offense against the divinity. 145

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of the heart^beat more regular (Graupner), and produces an effective

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ing four weeks. The size of the womb corresponded to a

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with this title. [It will be published in full next week.]