modem therapy and are often of advantage when medication fails. He
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patient was seized with scarlet fever of a mild type. With the
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period of twenty-one days. Not a single death occurred. After a
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patient sits in a box with an opening for the head. The box is filled with
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when in difficulty (Livy, i, 56), while Dionysios says (iv,
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precepts rare that enabled them “ Disease and mortal
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occurred on three occasions during the following twenty-four
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being able to exhibit a photograph in connection with a
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Doctorate Address delivered at the Forty-first Annual Com-
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called anthrax as a very different thing from malignant pustule.
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Carcinoma of the Liver. — Dr. George Deury presented a
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epilepsy — the one depending upon anoimia and the other upon
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The Pkesident, in this connection, mentioned a case, and
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ras ’ and 4 deus Sol invictus Mithras ’; and, until the con¬
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In our issue for April 12th there appeared an editorial arti-
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than the caliber of the ovarian vessels that these vessels are
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Since this accident he had looked over the hospital records
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furnished by the Pyramid Texts from her oldest monu¬
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water had filled only one of the lateral ventricles."
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275 Boylan, op. cit., pp. 89, 91, 131-132, 159, 166-168.
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by the representatives of the pagan religions of the pre-
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deities of the pantheon; 191 and his ancient and principal
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established. Sometimes, too, there was very sharp pain for a
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gave her but little trouble. She improved daily until the morn-
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originally one of fracture of the neck of the femur witliout
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