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already described, and kept in position by a strap going round the

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introducing the trocar, about twenty pints of fluid were withdrawn. By

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all its muscular portion, experienced, one month before death, a sense

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is robbing us of our electricity, which it greedily absorbs ; in the latter

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in the history of the treatment it was said large quantities of water

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to the head, and a frequent occurrence of epileptic fits, if the use of

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ing are some of the examples cited. Equal parts of alum and tartaric

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An irritant poison is one which by its specific action sets up inflamma-

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and exposures at the west, the previous season, had aggravated an afiec*

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-ne instaoees, in others grooves and ridges, diverge towards the cir-

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l^tb reported cases in which tuberculous abscesses have been found in

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''On three days in the week, daily, 7 ounces of cooked meat, beef or

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dentinal tubules, softening and breaking them up till the pulp is reached.

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From Injiuenza. — Both diseases may begin with headache, pyrexia,

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tuted by opium, laudanum, or black drop. So sensible of its superiori-

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bor or study, and may be practised by any one, no matter how ignorant,

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wards develop dementia, and die of the tabetic form of general paralysis.

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since there is more of the nervous fluid constantly existing on the right

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fancy could draw or imagination could paint, and these horrid animals

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York, has received the appointment of Professor of Clinical Surgery,

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generalised throughout the body. Bearing in mind these characters, it is

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odds and ends, judging from the never-ending complaints of correspon-

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susceptible person. If such dust is protected from the sunlight it retains

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contractions, and other untoward effects have followed the needless division

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opening the abdomen, an enormous congeries of cysts protruded, not

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lovers of antiquity to revile and to laugh at, and whose works they

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D0( calculated for the social state, because his excretions, his eflluvia,

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The following movements are quoted, not as a prescription, but as examples of

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March has the chair of Surgery, and Dr. Armsby that of Anatomy. The

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process of desiccation of the pustules, he examined, of his own accord,

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have not suppurated : they are redder and thicker in proportion as they

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commencement of a new reign, in monopolizing all the honor and all the

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asking for drink, which being received he again slept, and at last awoke

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