the woman ceased to menstruate. The tumor had been devel-
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Nortia. Picumnus and Pilumnus. Picus. Salus (or Hygia).
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Sjrmptomt. — Clinically the symptoms of cerebral stasis may be di-
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reader will take the trouble to run over the cases in which
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the Vedic literature for their healing powders (cf. Apah).
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none may name”) was termed Kore, ‘the Maiden.’ The
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nostic aspect of the matter — although, as we have seen, that
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tion of scientific researches relating to the causes and preven-
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the standard (15 to 20 per cent.), the results were much more
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On the left it crosses the internal iliac obliquely from above
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ance perhaps at the same time, while in a large proportion of
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Sturgis criticising tlie action of the present Committee on Legis-
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in his decision, liecause the patients subsequently walked fairly
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Unable to adopt the role of adviser on the one hand or
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scriptions of the fossie contained in any good anatomical
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these deities, remained uncovered. 202 These divinities also
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ing the bequest, to the University of Pennsylvania or the New
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appointed by the President, to carry into effect the plan pro-
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brief definition of Koch's position on this question. 3. The ob-
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" In some cases the ureter may even attain the size of the
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record the five following cases which have occurred in my
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quadriceps extensor had no sesamoid bone, we would have
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can Association for the Advancement of Science, August 29th (.-5), and
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provocation, and frequently takes on an intermitting type.
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a diagnosis in the earlier stages, and, if resort were had to the
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the collection of the fluid. The spot selected should be free from visible
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A resolution to drape the next issue of the journal, in honor
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patients with weak backs can stand it, as the position is horizontal, and
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on November 19th. Her labor was neither a long nor a ditfi-