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ing shrine at Oropos, and was equated with the Egyptian
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The principal source of our knowledge of ancient In¬
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had a cult at thermal springs, as at Aquae Calidae in Gaul
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cases it might require an hour for the drug to produce its effect,
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ments had shown that other substances would produce tubercu-
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ters little whether or not the site of impact be transferred
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question when he spoke of localization. Dr. Putzel thought we
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inspired, so that they were regarded as his own com¬
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artmes and producing symptoms of angina pectoris. Before we pass to
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healed, since they reached, respectively, only to the flesh,
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sible, the reason for his falling under the ban and to
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ceived such honors from universities and learned societies in
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lated to Nnskn and sometimes to Nabu, 73 is mentioned in
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geal ulceration, which only cicatrized some weeks after resolu-
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its influence, the undermined edges of the ulceration having first
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has been conjectured that it was in fact utilized to propi-
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quarter. The absence of rain implies increasing impurity of
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the vagus nerve, which supplies the excitor fibers to the intestine the
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was permissible for him to approach the image of the
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the operation, I could find no support for the attempt except
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P. Fiirbringer,-]- in the " Zeitschrift fur klinische Medicin,"
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nal muscles of both eyes, the levator palpebrse, the recti, and
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Positi\/e Working : The metal plunger screws into the rubber plug, adjustui*
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