cough, pain, mental excitement, or torturing symptoms of congestion.

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contained in the communication of Dr. Piffard, dated April 17th,

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the son of the priest; the dadouchoi, or torch-bearers; the

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65 lb., pp. 148, 153, 158; also Budge, Gods, i, 167; ii, 241.

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Diet. — ^In both groups of liver hypersemia, meat must be wholly given

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e<lge the zealous and faithful work of the internes serving under

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neighboring States, he said, had driven great numbers of quacks

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The farther the point of inoculation is situated from the trunk,

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taining two surgical sponges, and filled with five-per-cent.

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and neck, could not exceed its supporting power, however

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p3" Illustrated catalogues and circulars will be sent free upon application.

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ft.; Wiedemann, Altagyptische Sagen und Marchen, pp. 1-24.

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though strong drink was most likely the original promoter

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throughout antiquity and believed to be the most beauti¬

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3 Jastrow, The Civilization of Babylonia and Assyria, pp. 120 f£.,

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the wives of heroes; a third to Hestia, Hermes, Amphia¬

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illustrated the advantage often of opening the abdomen for diag-

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Oaemalt finally introduced a man, forty years old, who had

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earlier healing hero of Athens, and was first worshipped

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gusts of sulphuretted hydrogen coming from the earth

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Cc-llnliii-^. l;e!ni-i^iiGrine, Vesical and Urethral

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produced by the massage. If the cornea of a patient be

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knowledge of healing among themselves, but this monop¬

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difficult (1) by the fact that the spinal nerves do not escape

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countries to find an abode at her capital. She neglected

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six parts, each of which was in charge of a certain god