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healer; and few personal appeals are made to him. He is
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of the patella, to which he was led by the use of the same treat-
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attended, usually in secret, by small but enthusiastic
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Murray, J. M., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from
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the Climate of Large Cities Dangerous to Consumptives, Frank
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ciaries in the cat and fairly satisfactory confirmation of the results upon
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Practical Manual of Obstetrics. Dr. E. Verrier, Lecturer on
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honor of certain divinities at stated times of the year. 10
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the quantity of fluid ingested, as it far surpasses that of an equal quantity
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tianity; but Mithraism, which was fostered under cover
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and made atonement with branches of myrtle on the spot
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persons whose palmar integument was thin and delicate origi-
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been discovered except one from Epidauros, of Askle-
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cently replaced to a great extent by a double salt of theobromin, simi-
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bility becomes emphatically manifest that, by studying the
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( C1L iii, 7775,13368), but was reclaimed and brought into
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