is the same, no matter what the etiology. From the therapeutic stand-
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understood by an appreciation of the various transfor¬
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116 Ebers, Papyrus Ebers. Der Maasse und das Kapitel iiber die
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"Times," an analysis of a return of the experiments performed
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xxiii). A sanctuary to Eshmun-Melqart stood on a low
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13th: New York Ophthalmological Society (private); New
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but traditional in form; and it was essential that they
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Augustus, ascribing his success to the assistance given
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portant medical papyri being ably considered from the physician’s point
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the respiratory organs, and it may be questioned whether
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judging by the behavior of some of its advocates, inculcates the
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then seven violent fits in succession; was unconscious several
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bone was divided with a chisel between the two trochanters and
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personal and family deity. He erected a temple to him
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been treated we Cjuote the titles of some chapters :
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always being one and the same disease in tlio sense of its abso-
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temples where scribes, physicians, and priests were
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to which it can be subjected, and the time necessary to secure a certain
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RENOUARD, P. V., The History of Medicine, tr. C. G. Comegys.
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Heroes, daimons, spirits of the dead, and the 4 hounds of
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A lighter splint than the plaster of Paris is made from what
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caze prize goes to Professor Balbiani, but the title of his work
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shortening is due to this tilting of the pelvis. Afterward,
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and developing on one side; it does not tend to go beyond the
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probable that any of these documents formed part of the
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