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monary affection began in March, 1882. Admitted to the hos-

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The gradual weakening of all those delicate and only peri-

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prehistoric times as the gift of the gods to men. The

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present, we will do well to employ either an intramuscular or, better,

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severe epileptic convulsion. This v.-as the first he had ever

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until it merged into the posterior wall of the external auditory

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one hand, and for puerperal septicaemia on the other — of a

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Gradiiate Medical School. New Yorli : William Wood & Co.,

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Pancreatic AN.i:MiA was the title of a paper by Dr. C. W.

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den by the Delphic oracle to make them statues of olive

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lightly wrapping the leg with a fl.annel roller bandage, and then

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xix-f-631 Pages; 239 Illustrations. Cloth, $4.50, net.

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seat was Uruk; Enlil, the deity of the atmosphere and of

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days). The inscription may also be obtained in advance by sending to

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new Fellows to co-operate with zeal and earnestness '' in the

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the little finger could not be passed. From this central sulcus,

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voted to omit its June meeting, and the Academy of Medicine

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sixth, fourth, and parts of the third nerves, which supplied

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gods and demons, but the former finally gained the amrta

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the Campus Martius, was made into the shape of a boat