cated to Helios in various parts of Greece; but the chief

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be found detailed in the " Lancet " for 1879. It consists of

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HARRIS, J. R., The Origin of the Cult of Aphrodite. London, 1900.

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contact with all sorts of men ( Maitrdyani Samhita, IV,

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are mentioned in the incantation-texts in a manner that

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nature of the first paroxysm, unless it be vital to do so, as in a

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to the individuals by dreams. These messages and their

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called Druidesses, were employed, especially in divina¬

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been given her because she brought children into the

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It was as Opifera that she was the helpful mother to

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parenchymatous nephritis, and a chronic interstitial nephritis. Thera-

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twenty-three pages, treating of twenty-five different medi¬

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tion was a most promising one, as he could attest from several

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was shown a mass, similar in size and appearance to that pre-

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10), and at Antioch a famous statue was erected in her

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mnst institute a thorough antiluetic treatment, using both iodides and

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Maspero, Popular Stories, p. 36; id., Etudes egyptiennes, i, 27.

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ary, 1884, Dr. A. Jacobi quotes Lancereaux to the effect that lipoma

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has been repeatedly pointed out, is a matter of ease.

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fibro-cyst or a fibroid tumor. The patient had suftered so much,

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Navigation of the United States for the Fiscal Year ended June

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Committee on Legislation of the Medical Society of the State of

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The Megala Asklepieia (IG iv, 1473), usually called

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selves an independent organization. Our answer is that we