of a number of experiments on man and on the lower animals : In
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attention of Hannibal, who plundered it in 211 b.c. (Livy,
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or state. Through the mists of early Greek tradition
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be the seat of an indurateil tubular stricture 3 cm. in length, the upper
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response and a remedy (incubation) was a current prac¬
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In other words, and conversely, puerperal fever does not
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and protection in times of need. The residence and rank
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THE Buffalo College of Physicians and Surgeons seem to
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thought. That such was the fact is clearly shown by the
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limate solution ; when needed, it is spread out upon a com-
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where they sometimes remained for several days with¬
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The second case occurred in a child one year old, in his ser-
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kept in an expanded form over the femoral condyles as the
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finally a third segment of bone. After removing the first seg-
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that of the Lares; and as they guarded the property of
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collated, critically studied, and adequately presented.
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Four cylindrical boxes or bottles of rubber, each con-
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ology was combined with that of Heliopolis and the Osi¬
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ably regarded as therapeutic divinities (Drexler, in
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strong, mighty, and violent. She represented fire and the
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regarded as Iupiter and Iuno); and it may possibly be
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when cumbrous spray apparatus, jute, oakum, gauze, carbo-
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He regretted his failure, especially in view of the limited extent
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fever and sweat. The entire paroxysm continued until 6 F. M. His
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pos, 46 a Knidian physician, was the source of Cato’s con¬
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from was that careless and unskillful treatment was the cause of the
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of the inflammation, although in general mercury irritates the kidneys
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Nelson, H. C, Medical Inspector. Granted leave of absence