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movements of the limbs was not annihilated, but underwent
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remark that “men are mortal gods, and gods are im¬
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review of the statistics of injuries to the skull and brain. Wal-
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from illness ( CIL ix, 4636, 4751-4752) ; 145 and it may be
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means of dispelling the causes of disease and bringing
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Fauna was an ancient Italian goddess, described as the
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TOURTELLE, E., Histoire philosophique de la medecine. Paris, 1804.
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to the flood described in Scripture; but, as the aversion to the use of
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This lot includes Morgan & Wright, Ajax, Diamond, Con-
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midwifery cases, whether they occur in hospital or in private
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to the Massachusetts General Hospital, with a residuary provi-
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vague and imperfect records which have recently been
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beneath me. ’ ,49 These matters are contained in the Pyra¬
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short, all the existing conditions work to the disadvantage
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III, xiii, 1; VIII, ii, 4). They were not only given the
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