about 1600 b.c. and possibly from the seventeenth cen¬

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some of the symptoms and sequelae of scarlet fever. He had at-

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Skin clinics every afternoon from two to four o'clock.

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cured, 64 died, 2 were not completed, and in 5 the result

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N. Braman, of New London ; Dr. Seth Hill, of Stepney Depot ;

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water) ; after this they are again washed and kept in a solu-

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in an unusually good state of preservation. The acoustics

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The work is divided into nine sections, as follows : 1. The Psychological Principles and Field of Psycho-

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Although Apis was usually depicted as a bull, he was

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On the fifth day the doctor was sent for in haste. When he

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ably connected with the Welsh seven, ‘star,’ 55 is some¬

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under ob.servation till December 14th, during which time she

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291 Pearson, “Heroes and Hero-Gods (Greek and Roman),” in ERE

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Parsons, of New Hampshire ; Fourth Vice-President, H. C.

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The Secretary read an invitation from Professor Baird, of

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or in very weak individuals every eight weeks, the quantity is one-half

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clinic with a congenital deformity of his left hand, as seen in

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in the case of every bale of rags, which is also to be marked

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cording to the Avesta ( Yasna, x, 23, 90), the juice of this

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and feeling himself dying, he called loudly for help, where¬

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and other ceremonies, besides receiving the patients, re¬

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instituted to prevent the contact of septic matters with the par-

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the ends of the fingers, above the middle of the forearm.

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