tomical, physiological, and pathological aspects of neurology
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she was also a healing deity, as well as a protectress of
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a small patch of false membrane was found on the right tonsil.
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Eileithyia, whose worship was ancient and widespread,
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Professor Peter Pvedfern, of Belfast ; obstetrics. Dr. George H.
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29th, at the University Club Theatre. The degree was conferred
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Palpitation is a symptom of several different conditions: (1) o£ an
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It is not possible to follow the steps of his progress to
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notice the names of Dr. William T. Bull, Dr. Clement Cleveland, Dr.
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the speculative perils — the mischiefs of false methods of
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Society Meetings for toe Coming Week. — Monday, June
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Neat, original and uniform stationery is always attractive and means much
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peoples who were brought under her domain, supporting
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she was the 4 dread Persephone’ (Hesiod, ib., 768), while
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public, when the chief priest of Ianus assumed that office;
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the Cumasan Sibyl. Three types of divination. The religious
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quired ; the pad is placed directly upon the wound and is
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the true forerunner of the rational school of therapeutics,
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should be used to protect the bony processes and the tendo
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tion oj the Act, Prevention oj Conception, Means oj Sexual
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in the course of the oculo-motorius nerve. The subsequent
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Dr. R. C. Beandeis had once tried a three-per-cent. solution
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man's power of locomotion. He is destined to be a cripple
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sured, have we occasion, during the treatment, to deprive
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the structures situated within the pelvis. At the same time,