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theology. Later, the hsatriyas (‘warriors’) devoted them¬

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On varying the experiment by placing the cadaver on the

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duration. The reaccumulation of fluid was more rapid and tlie de-

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its increasing the amount of fluid in the blood and therefore the amount

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12 M., twenty-five grammes given. Is obliged always to keep

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Caracalla, all restrictions which had excluded the worship

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customs (the ritus peregrini ), were steadily making

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the Eleusinian goddesses, to take milk with honey. One day, when

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utes of our first meeting as to the preface of a book, to see

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accompanying disagreeable symptoms of that condition. The

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Dower suggested the removal of the uterine contents as the only

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Mefitis, an ancient Italian goddess personifying stench

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palm must be turned outward. The operator folds the fingers of one

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sented the intestines of a child which died at the fourth year of

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tuberculosis. While the presence of micro-organisms in other

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ment of the English Transatlantic passenger steamship service us

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MoNEoi) in the Adult Human Brain ; (b) the Presence op

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Inhibitory Actions in Cardiaci, by Dr. Openchowski, of Dorpat; Ex-

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she was very decidedly pallid, and was very tender across the epi-

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the asi^m-priest, were very generally preferred as being

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the fall being very great in the two intervening temperatures ; so that

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ress of Oriental religions in the Occident. No repression

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