the uterus down with tlie hand upon the patient's abdomen,

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gator's conclusions, that he had oflTered the criticisms which he

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val was celebrated on the same day as that of Fortuna,

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peal to the image of the deity, the response being made

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filled up with new bone. Theoretically, a cuneiform oste-

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verse; and those of chthonic character and functions, who

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ogy, Diseases of Children, and Oral and Dental Surgery read

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received a severe contusion of the perina^um by suddenly s(iuat-

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whose true name he knew, to do his will. 86 Hence both gods

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ported, with regard to the Collective Investigation of Disease

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watchful that the transient fever which so frequently develops

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A Report on Chromium Sulphate 1358 Some Reports on Crotalin 1378

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of h.-emorrhage from the bowels one week after admission. The

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Dr. A. S. Clarke was reminded of a case, recently observed,

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FENTON, J. de, “A Greek Hospital 600 b.c.,” in Transvaal Medical

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conferred equal wisdom upon him; and combining in him¬

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deities for bounties received, and loyalty was due to the

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seizing the stirrup that you see hanging over each patient's

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Mineral Waters. — ^Alkaline and earthy mineral waters may be nsed

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barriers through the medium of the ritual—specified

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trations. Loudon: Maoniillan & Co., 1884. Pp. xxiii-397.

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and Warren, N. J. ; Buffalo Medical and Surgical Association ;

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tumor, as to make their complete removal impossible. When,

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remarkable curative power," and cites, as one of many instances, that

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posterior surface of the lower third of the left leg, that quickly

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addition to the weak antiseptic solution, the author uses only

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healing. He was a protector of flocks and herds, and cul¬

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obtained I have felt well repaid for the trouble expended.

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with other plants; and the diligence of Airman in the

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presented by the majority of cases, he would say that the typical

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